Navigators are layer of specially trained, regular people “on the ground” that facilitate direct communication and tele presentation of patients to Dox4All doctors. Nurses aids, EMTs, and native healers are naturally good candidates for navigators because of their healing background as well as their possible affiliations with international clinics. In addition, Aid Workers in disaster areas who are already working for or with non-profit organizations can receive the basic training on collecting medical histories and “presenting” patients to Dox4All docs. Missionaries who are working in remote areas with little or no medical facilities can be trained to present routine medical cases to Dox4All docs as well. Volunteers of many types can be trained as navigators. These volunteers may already be orphanage workers, re-construction volunteers, school teachers, world travelers. Almost anyone who is in a community of need could become a navigator. Dox4All International aims to provide a level of training for these navigators that constitutes a layer of care delivery that can be leveraged by any organization or agency that endeavors to delivery care is these challenging areas.