Community Liaisons

Dox4All is fortunate to have friends and contacts around the world who are dedicated to bringing a higher medical standard to their communities. Our friends are critical liaisons in their communities where language, culture, and politics impact the delivery of medical care and must be considered for our method to be accepted and effective.

Mathew Skaria

Matt lives in Kerala India. Matt is a physician and worked with Dr. Ryschon at the Rosebud IHS in the '90's, learning new surgical skills which he subsequently provided around the world as a medical missionary. Matt coordinates Dox4All outreach to India.

Enis Jashari

Enis is from Albania. Enis is enthusiastic about bringing quality medical care to his community and will coordinate regional outreach there.
Miguel Angel Felix

Miguel is our liaison for sites in Mexico and Latin America.

Miguel Angel Felix was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. He graduated from the most prestigious Private University in Mexico (Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara) UAG. He completed his degree in Bachelor computer sciences, Masters degree in administration, and a postgraduate degree in Human Resources and Marketing. Miguel was a coordinator of the medical computer sciences department of the International school of Medicine program at the UAG, during his 11 years as a professor; he created the first telemedicine department in Mexico. He then moved to Nebraska in 2002 to help implement Telemedicine and Tele-education programs for rural Nebraska. He was professor from 2002 to 2014 of computer sciences, business management and administration of human resources for the REAP (Rural Enterprise Association Project) a USDA service to the community. Miguel helps to create, install, and provide training and support to the first rural telemedicine pharmacy clinic, as well as the first tele-health clinic for a county jail in Nebraska. In 2015 he moved to Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska, to work as a Network Engineer of the CIO (Chief Information Office) providing services to all the state agencies on videoconferences needs. Miguel loves to travel, teach and share IT knowledge, telemedicine, and tele-education experiences with whoever needs help.

Miguel’s personal mission is to help Latin-American countries and rural North America to implement tele-services to improve the quality of health and education. He has 3 Kids, an 18 year old daughter, 16 year old boy, and a 12 year old daughter.